Apr 25

long time no abc !

sorry that this gyaru blog has been very very dead for.. quite some time now. i just haven’t had time to do anything gyaru related mainly because of my studies D: i’m trying to finish my candidate of philosophy studies this spring (or next month actually) so i’ve been stressing out quite a lot. also, i feel kind of comfortable meeting people as “just me” so i haven’t felt like i’d want to put on the wig and all the make up. why bother when i can just go out and hang out with my friends ! i still have got long way to go before i will become a self-confident person but i think i’ve come quite far from how i used to be.

just a quick update %D i haven’t forgot this blog, i still visit my dashboard almost daily, but i just don’t have anything to update right now. maybe after all most of the stress is gone, hopefully ! :—-3

Apr 24

cottoncandygarden asked: BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you are given this award, you are supposed to paste it in the ask of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know that someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. YOU are FABULOUS °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

Aw thank you ! :——3 <3

Apr 24

Anonymous asked: Wait aren't you a guy? Or are you trans?

I’m transman :3

Mar 06

Anonymous asked: Hei! Kerrothan sitten ku oot töllössä jookos? En haluis missata :3 Oot ihuna<3

Kanske 8D En ite luultavasti aio kattoo sitä koska ugh.. Mut sit ku saan tietää ni ilmottelen varmaan :—3!

Mar 05

gyaru-usagi asked: I forgot to ask! Do you have a facebook? Gyaruru

Kind of 8D I only use it to talk to my friends and to follow Gyaru Finland so I don’t really want to add many people to be my friends there D: I don’t use it for personal stuff, only for gyaru stuff. :3

Mar 05

gyaru-usagi asked: Hi Pin! <3 I wanted you to write that in my opinion seem to be a very nice person :) I admire you for who you are. You're not afraid to admit publicly what you feel. You're really pretty Gyaru worthy to follow. I want you to know that many people in Poland admires you. I hope that you'll always be together. I wish you much luck. And add as many pictures xD I embrace you very much and kiss. Gyaruru from Poland

Hello and greetings to Poland ! :—3 Thank you so much<3 I’ve promised myself to never ever hide my true self again haha~ I’ll try to post many pictures and be active 8D!

Mar 05
simple look for puoli seitsemän tv shooting 3.3.2014
i didn&#8217;t have time to take more pictures so just few ootd pictures this time :&lt;

simple look for puoli seitsemän tv shooting 3.3.2014

i didn’t have time to take more pictures so just few ootd pictures this time :<

Mar 03
just chillin&#8217; before i&#8217;m going to kluuvi to finish the tv shooting \m/ it&#8217;s always immediately WIG AWAY if i can be without it lD 

just chillin’ before i’m going to kluuvi to finish the tv shooting \m/ it’s always immediately WIG AWAY if i can be without it lD 

Mar 01

Anonymous asked: do you have a blog where i can find more pictures of you and your gyaru co-ords? you are SUCH an inspiration!

No, I don’t blog anymore 8( The only gyaru related internet thing is my tumblr, sorry! ,-,

Mar 01

visualgay asked: Hi Pin! I must say I'm a huge fan of yours O(≧▽≦)O i first saw you in a video on youtube and you became a huge gyaru inspiration for me. I've gone through some tough times since then with being into gyaru fashion while being male and feeling isolated. So when I found your tumblr and found out a bit more about you, you comforted me because I see that you are going through something similar to me, and therefore are even more inspiring. Best of luck~

Oh, wow thank you! :O Welcome to the freak club, there’s always room for us haha :_D No but seriously, I hope you’ll keep on doing what you love and don’t let anyone dictate what you can and what you can’t love or do. I remember this one girl who told me that my eye brows are not manly enough, that I’m not a real man because my eye brows are not bushes. And I was like gurrrlll, srsly.. If someone doesn’t like your style or thinks there’s something wrong with you, there isn’t. You just don’t match with their ideals and it’s not your problem, it’s theirs. Good luck to you too and stay strong ! <3 :—3